Get the Job Done Right with Wright Tool Products

Get the Job Done Right with Wright Tool Products

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Heavy Duty Hand Tools Available at Fasteners Plus

If you are on the hunt to find exceptional quality hand tools, you came to the right place! Wright Tool innovates, engineers, and forges superior quality hand tools in the United States to meet and exceed industry standards.

Wright Tool has a clear vision to provide confidence and protect those who are building our tomorrow. A wide variety of hand tools are now available at Fasteners Plus. Watch the video below to learn more about this vendor and their mission!

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About Wright Tool

Wright Tool became a player in the tool manufacturing industry in 1927 and established their headquarters in Wright, Barberton, Ohio. This company continues to grow in capabilities while remaining USA-based. Wright Tool caters to both local and overseas customers for a large range of industries. 


  • Automotive
  • Power Generation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Commercial Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Heavy Equipment and Machinery
  • Industrial MRO
  • Government/GSA
  • Mining

Manufacturing Process

Wright tools are manufactured using Wright Alloy Steel and advanced, precise heat-treating manufacturing techniques. This manufacturing process ensures each tool will be heavy-duty and long-lasting for many different applications. All of Wright Tools products comply with the pertinent design, safety, and quality standards set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). They also provide a generous lifetime warranty that supports their tools.

Tool Categories

1. Master Tool Sets

Wright Tool Master sets will set you up for success by providing you with a selection of handpicked tools that are ideal for you. These master tool sets are categorized for various uses. Whether you’re looking for a starter master tool set, an intermediate master tool set, a mechanics master tool set, or other tool set options, Fasteners Plus offers the products to accommodate your next project or job.

 102 Wright Tool Master Set

2. Wrenches

Wrenches are very common and versatile tools. Wright Tool wrenches have excellent performance with a long life span. These wrenches feature maximum torque and gripping strength. Both wrench sets and individual wrenches are available in many sizes and styles.

Wrench Styles:

 Wright Tool Wrenches

3. Sockets, Ratchets, & Attachments

Sockets are essential for many jobs. Tightening and loosening fasteners takes durable tools that have grit and provide a clean connection to the fastener. Fasteners Plus offers many individual sockets and socket sets. Socket sets that include ratchets, handle extensions, and socket attachments are also available for getting the job done more efficiently.

Wright Tool also manufactures heavy-duty impact socket adaptors and impact socket extensions. The impact socket adaptors are very versatile, making it quick and easy to adapt your ratchet or impact gun to smaller or larger drive sizes. Wright Tools impact socket extensions are designed for use with sockets to tighten and loosen fasteners in hard-to-reach areas.

Socket Styles:

 Wright Tool Socket Set

4. Screwdrivers

Additionally, screwdrivers are a classic tool to include in your toolbox collection. Fasteners Plus offers a heavy duty torque screwdriver where you can set the accurate amount of torque for the application. 

Wright Tool Torque Screwdriver

5. Pliers

Pliers are extremely handy for twisting and cutting many types of wire. Wright Tools snap ring plier set and professional safety wiring kit will have you covered. The professional safety wire kit exceeds expectations and meets government specification QQW-423 Military Spec ms 20995.

Wright Tool Plier Set

6. Punch and Chisels

Punches are tools that fit seamlessly within a roll pin and are used to drive in and remove roll pins or hollow tension pins. Chisels are often used with a mallet or hammer to shape a solid material such as wood, stone, or metal. Wright Tools Mayhew punch and chisel set includes a variety of sizes of punches and chisels for getting the job done right. 

Mayhew Punch and Chisel Set

7. Hammers

Wright Tools brass hammer is a heavy-duty tool that features a 1-3/4" heavy non spark striking face and a 12" super grip fiberglass handle. The nupla handle is made from thousands of strands of fiberglass encased in a proprietary resin delivering a super heavy-duty handle that has been tested for balance, strength, and durability.  

Brass Hammer

8. C-Clamps

C-clamps are used to hold materials in place such as wood or metal. Carpentry, welding, and automotive industries commonly use c-clamps. Heavy service forged c-clamps, extra heavy-service forged c-clamps, and deep throat c-clamps are all available at Fasteners Plus.  

Wright Tools heavy and extra heavy service forged c-clamps are ideal for construction work and heavy-duty industrial jobs. These top-of-the-line clamps feature steel swivels that are securely connected to hardened steel screws resulting in maximum strength clamping force. Wright Tools deep-throat forged steel c-clamps are ideal for deep-reach, light service jobs. These c-clamps feature a splatter-resistant copper-plated screw, swivel, and cross-pin for welding applications. 

Wright Tool Flange Jacks and C-Clamps

9. Flange Jacks

A flange jack is excellent for jobs working on pipelines and other applications involving flanges. Wright Tool's flange jacks exert tremendous pressure with no shock to the pipeline. These flange jacks are sold as a pair and feature easy effort flange spreaders that separate smoothly and evenly so no damage is done to the flange faces. 

10. Tool Storage

Purchasing tools is a great investment but keeping your tools safe and protected is also important. Wright Tool has a variety of tool storage that check all the boxes while keeping your tools organized. 

Tool Storage Options:

Wright Tool Tool Storage

Custom Hand Tools

Didn't find the specific hand tool you need on the Fasteners Plus website? Let us know.

We are able to work directly with Wright Tool to source custom tools. Let us do the work of finding that missing part for you by contacting us at 888-794-1590 or emailing us at


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