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Clamps & Flange Jacks

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SKU: WRI9461


Wright Tool 6-1/2" Extra Heavy-Service Forged C-Clamp




C-clamps are perfect tools for construction work and heavy-duty industrial jobs. They are used to hold materials in place such as wood or metal. Carpentry, welding, and automotive industries commonly use this tool. 


The heavy service forged c-clamps and the extra heavy service forged c-clamps feature steel swivels that are securely connected to hardened steel screws resulting in maximum strength clamping force. Wright Tools heavy service forged c-clamps and extra heavy service forged c-clamps conform to Federal Specification GGG-C-406D, Type 1, Class B, medium service. 


Wright Tools deep-throat forged steel c-clamps are ideal for deep-reach, light service jobs. These c-clamps feature a splatter-resistant copper-plated screw, swivel, and cross-pin for welding applications. Additionally, this type of c-clamp conforms to Federal Specification GGG-C-406D, Type 1, Class A, light service, deep-throat.


Wright Tools flange jacks are an ideal tool when working on pipelines and other applications involving flanges. Flange jacks exert tremendous pressure with no shock to the pipeline. These heavy-duty flange jacks are sold in pairs and feature flange spreaders that separate smoothly and evenly with no damage to the flange faces.