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Grip-Rite has been making high-quality fasteners and building products since 1975. Their products are trusted by industry professionals everywhere because of their high-quality and value. Fasteners Plus carries a wide selection of Grip-Rite fasteners and diamond blades.

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Grip-Rite Deck Screws are made from durable 305 and 316 stainless steel and available in several different sizes and drive types. Deck screws have a larger surface area than regular wood screws and have deeper and sharper threading, making it easier to secure and with a stronger bond.

Grip-Rite Plastic Collated Framing Nails are used in wood frame construction to build walls, roofs, sub-flooring, sheathing, and more.

Grip-Rite Wire Collated Framing Nails can be used for a variety of applications but are typically used for framing and siding installation.

Grip-Rite Paper Tape Collated Framing Nails offer an alternative to plastic collated versions and typically comes down to personal preference when choosing between the two. Like the plastic collated version, these collated framing nails are used in a wide range of wood frame construction applications.

Grip-Rite Roofing & Siding Nails have a short shank and a wide, flat head and are used to attached shingles, roofing felt, siding, and more. Available in both stainless steel and electrogalvanized finishes.

Grip-Rite Collated Finish Nails provide an efficient method complete finishing trim work. These are small nails with small heads making it easy to fill the nail hole with putty and paint for a smooth finish.

Grip-Rite Collated Joist Hanger Nails are used for the installation of wood connectors such as joist hangers.

Diamond Blades are available in several different sizes and material- and application-specific designs.

We also carry a huge selection of nails, including collated and bulk loose options for use in a wide range of construction and building applications.

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