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  • 3/8" x 2-1/4" Red Head Trubolt 316 Stainless Steel Wedge Anchor, Pkg 50

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    ITW Red Head is a leading manufacturer of concrete anchoring and reinforcing solutions. A part of ITW Commercial Construction, ITW Red Head has helped drive innovation in the concrete anchor space with the very first Red Head anchor being developed in 1910. We carry a large selection of ITW Red Head Wedge Anchors in several different sizes, materials, and finish options to choose from.

    Wedge anchors are a unique type of concrete anchors, designed to anchor objects into concrete applications. Concrete Wedge Anchors are installed into a pre-drilled hole using the appropriate Concrete Drill Bit, where the wedge is expanded by tightening the nut. Once installed, wedge anchors are not removable after the anchor has expanded. Wedge Anchors are also called by other names such as stud anchors, concrete stud anchors, concrete bolts and wedge bolts. Wedge anchors are a non-bottom bearing anchor for use in solid concrete or grout-filled concrete.

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