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    MSTA/MSTC/MSTI Strap Ties

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  • Simpson MSTA24 24" 18 Gauge Medium Strap Tie - G90 Galvanized

    SKU: MSTA24
    SKU: MSTA24

    Simpson MSTA24SS 24" 18 Gauge Medium Strap Tie - Stainless Steel


    Simpson MSTA24Z 24" 18 Gauge Medium Strap Tie - ZMAX

    SKU: MSTA24Z
    SKU: MSTA24Z

    These high-capacity strap ties are load rated and provide the correct thickness and number of fasteners the specifier is looking for compared with field fabricated straps. Designed for use on the edge of 2x members, with a nailing pattern that reduces the potential for splitting.

    Looking for either light and medium versions of this style strap tie? Check out the LSTA/ST/HRS Strap Ties page for those product offerings.

    Questions? Not sure which strap ties are right for your application? Contact one of our product specialists today at 888-794-1590 with any product or order questions. We carry a wide selection of Simpson Strong-Tie Hurricane Ties and Strap Ties, along with a full range of Simpson Connectors to choose from. We also do special orders!