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Open-End & Box-End Wrenches

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Wright Tool 734 3/8"-3/4" SAE Open End Angle Wrench Set, 7 Pc.
  • Made in the USA
  • Wrenches feature an open end and a 15° and 60° angle
  • Standard Lead Time 1-3 days.

    SKU: WRI734

    Open-end wrenches have an open end on both ends of the handle for tightening and loosening fasteners such as nuts and bolts. Wright Tool manufactures a wide variety of standard open-end wrenches and angle open-end wrenches. All of these open-end wrenches are made in the USA and meet or exceed ASME industry standards.

    Wright Tool box-end wrenches feature a modified offset. These wrenches are ideal tools for loosening stubborn fasteners or setting/tightening nuts and bolts. Box-end wrenches provide more leverage and are less likely to slip compared to an open-end wrench. Wright Tool box-end wrenches are made in the USA and meet or exceed industry standards.