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Socket Sets

Wright Tools socket sets are excellent collections to add to your toolbox. Both the standard socket set and the impact socket sets have ten times the fastener contact with greater torque and gripping power resulting in superior performance. Sockets sets are available in Standard SAE and metric sizes.



Fasteners Plus offers socket styles that include castellated/spanner sockets6-point standard impact sockets6-point deep impact sockets8-point standard impact sockets, 12-point standard impact sockets, and 12-point standard sockets. All of these socket styles are manufactured from Alloy steel and advanced, precise heat-treating manufacturing techniques. This manufacturing process ensures the sockets are durable and have a long lifespan.


Socket Adaptors & Extensions

Wright Tool impact socket adaptors are skillfully designed for excellent performance. These socket adaptors are very versatile, making it quick and easy to adapt your ratchet or impact gun to smaller or larger drive sizes. Wright Tools impact socket extensions are designed for use with sockets to tighten and loosen fasteners in hard-to-reach areas.


Ratchets & Handles

Wright Tool socketsratchets, and handles are very compatible with each other making it much easier to achieve fastener contact with greater torque and gripping power. Wright Tools ratchets are an ideal hand tool for tightening nuts and bolts with minimal arc movement. A few of the many socket sets include sockets, ratchets, and handles for enhanced efficiency.