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How to Anchor To Asphalt

Learn how asphalt anchors work, the difference between concrete anchors vs. asphalt anchors, how to install and remove the anchors, and common asphalt anchor applications.

Conquest Concrete Screws and Wedge Anchors

Conquer your next job with Conquest screws and wedge anchors available at Fasteners Plus!

Tools Needed to Build a Deck

Do you have the desire to build your dream deck? Fasteners Plus is here to help by giving you tips on what tools to buy to get the job done like a pro!

Understanding Markings and Grades on Nuts and Bolts

Why do fasteners have markings? Read more to learn about the different markings bolts, screws, and anchors have and how they can help you.

Threaded Rod Available at Fasteners Plus

Threaded Rod is a multi-purpose fastener that makes joining two materials together more secure than ever. Read more to find out what type of Threaded Rod is right for your next job.

New Simpson Strong-Tie® Wood Construction Connectors and Screws

Building a structure or a simple project that you assembled is very fulfilling! Fasteners Plus now offers Simpson's new wood construction connectors that will take your outdoor space to the next level. 

Get the Job Done Right with Wright Tool Products

Wright Tool manufactures superior quality hand tools that are made in the USA. Fasteners Plus offers a large selection of these exceptional hand tools that will get the job done right!

Syntec Concrete Diamond Tools

When it comes to speed, versatility, and longevity, Syntec diamond tools are the way to go! Fasteners Plus now offers a wide variety of Syntec diamond blades, cup wheels, and drilling core bits.

Rough Cut vs. Nominal Lumber Sizes

Understanding the difference between nominal vs. rough cut lumber will help you when buying lumber for your next job. Read more to learn about cuts of lumber and practical hangers/post bases.