About Us

At FastenersPlus.com, we get right down to business. Our goal is to create a streamlined, time-saving online shopping experience for our customers. By smartly organizing our quality products into easy-to-find categories, being fully accessible by any device, and staffing sharp sales representatives to assist you via phone, we are able to meet that goal every day.

The Basics:

  • We carry a large selection of quality products from a variety of top brands. Check them out here!!
  • We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service, both online and on the phone. (888) 794-1590
  • We have a staff of trained product experts available by phone if you have any questions or would rather just place your order with a person rather than online.
  • Our mobile friendly website design allows for a great shopping experience from any location and any device.

The Extras:

  • We are a family owned company, located in Iowa, providing jobs to over 100 folks in the United States.
  • We ship direct to you from multiple warehouses located throughout the United States, with a delivery time of just 1-4 business days for most areas of the country.
  • Our industry and eCommerce expertise make a great combination when it comes to satisfying our customers; we are extremely proud of our additional flagship brands, US Cargo Control and EcoFoil both of which have been built from the ground up.
  • We carry thousands of products and expand our selection regularly. If you have suggestions for products you’d like to see added to the site, please let us know! Simply email us and list your ideas.
  • We can extend credit terms to qualified business accounts, just call for more information! (888) 794-1590