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Metal Roofing Screws (also known as Pole Barn Screws) are a necessary component to any pole barn or metal building construction project. Our Metal Roofing Screws from ST Fastening create a strong, secure connection in both Metal-to-Metal and Metal-to-Wood applications and are available in a wide variety of powder-coated paint colors to match your metal panels and create a clean, aesthetic look, while providing the strength you desire from metal roof fasteners.

Metal to Metal – Available in different diameters, head types and lengths, these metal roof fasteners are designed to fasten metal roof panels to structural metal. These fasteners are designed with self-drilling tips that fasten quickly and easily. The integrated EPDM washers create a tight seal with the metal roof to prevent moisture and other corrosive elements from damaging the screw shank and leaking into the structure.

Metal to Wood – Also available in different sizes and head types, Metal to Wood metal roof screws are created specifically to fasten metal roof panels to wood purlins and structures in a metal roof or pole barn application. An EPDM washer is included on each screw to create a tight seal, and these metal roofing screws have a patented Micro-Bit point to reduce metal shavings that can damage the integrated washer and cause premature rusting.

Metal Roof Snow Guards - Available in 28 powder-coated colors or unpainted, these 304 Stainless Steel Metal Roof Snow Guards install easily onto the roof of pole barns to help prevent excess build-up of ice and snow. This is key for safety when working on or around a pole barn in winter months. Equipped with an EPDM rubber seal, these snow guards create a tight, weather-proof seal without the need for extra sealant. Simply combine with Metal Roofing Screws, and your pole barn will be safer for everyone.

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