Strut Channel Framing

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Strut channel has a variety of applications but is typically used for HVAC, plumbing, light-duty structural supports, and ceiling grids. Available in many fabrications such as Solid Strut Channel, Short Slotted Channel, Strut Channel with Punched Holes and more. The depths of channel range from 13/32" in depth to the deepest size of 3-1/4" with the most commonly purchased 1-5/8" x 1-5/8" Strut Channel.

Fittings for Strut channel include pipe clamps and straps, general fittings, post bases, channel brackets, electrical hangers and accessories, and strut channel trolleys. Everything you need to make connections and create stability within your strut channel framing job.

We also carry a wide variety of General Hardware for Strut Channel like channel nuts, bolts, washers, nuts, and threaded rod.