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Solid sawn joist hangers are some of the most commonly used joist hangers. These connectors attach solid sawn lumber joists, rafters, and beams to each other. They are suitable for a range of applications from decking, floors, ceilings, and more. We offer a wide variety of shapes to accommodate specific construction applications and lumber types.


    • LUS - Joist Hangers. These are the most common solid sawn joist hangers used. They provide support to ensure a strong connection for floor joists, rafters, beams, and more.


    • HU - Face Mount Hangers. HU products are heavy duty face-mount joist hangers made from 14 gauge galvanized steel.


    • HUC/HUCQ - Concealed Face Mount Hangers. HUC products are heavy-duty face mount joist hangers made from 14 gauge galvanized steel. The HUC is a concealed flange version of the HU. Concealed flange hangers have the header flanges turned in.


    • MUS - Joist Hangers. MUS hangers are skillfully designed for medium-load truss applications. They offer quick and easy installation while providing high load and bearing strength.


    • SUR/SUL/HSUR/HSUL - Skewed 45 Degree Hangers. The SUR/L and HSUR/L series are 45° skewed hangers designed specifically to ease the installation of single and double I-joists. In addition to Positive Angle Nailing, these hangers encapsulate the top flange of the I-joist, so no web stiffeners are required for standard installation.


    • LSSJ/LSSR - Rafter Hangers. This series of hangers offers a convenient solution to install rafters. They are slopeable/skewable rafter hangers that can be adjusted up to 45 degrees. Left and ride side options are available.


    • HRC/HHRC - Hip-Ridge Connectors. These face-mount connectors successfully attach hip beams to the end of a ridge beam. 


    • BA/JB/LB - Top Flange Joist Hangers. The BA hangers are cost-effective hangers featuring min/max joist-nailing option. Min Nailing featuring Positive Angle Nailing targets moderate load conditions, whereas the Max Nailing generates capacities for higher loads.


    • HUS - Heavy Face Mount Hangers. All hangers in this series have double shear nailing. This patented innovation distributes the load through two points on each joist nail for greater strength. It also allows the use of fewer nails, faster installation, and the use of common nails for all connections.


    •  HUSTF - Top Flange Joist Hangers. HUSTF has the double-shear nailing advantage - distributing the joist load through two points on each nail for greater strength.


    •  HUTF/HUCTF - Top Flange Joist Hangers. HUTF - The minimum header or ledger size that can be used with this hanger is 3 1/2".


    • WP/HWP/HWPH/WMU - Purlin Top-Flange Hangers. WP, HWP, and HWPH hangers support joists on purlins or beams in wood and cold-formed steel construction. WMU masonry hangers are designed for use on standard 8” grout-filled concrete masonry units.


    • LRUZ - Rafter Hangers. The LRUZ offers an economic alternative for those applications requiring a sloped hanger for rafter-to-ridge connections. Used with solid-sawn rafters, the LRUZ™'s unique design enables the hanger to be installed either before or after the rafter is in place. 


    • UR/LUR - Rough Cut Joist Hangers. These are the most common rough cut joist hangers used.


    • U/LU/LUC - Face Mount Joist Hangers. The standard U hanger provides flexibility of joist to header installation. LUCZ concealed flange hanger are ideal for end of ledger/header or post conditions, the LUCZ also provides cleaner lines for exposed conditions such as overhead decks.


    • LGU/MGU/HGU/HHGU - Girder Face Mount Hangers. These high-capacity hangers are used for retrofit on the framing members after they are temporarily placed into position. They are designed for situations where the header and joist are flush at top. 


    • HGU/HHUS - Heavy Face Mount Hangers. Designed for high-load applications, these hangers feature a double-shear nailing design that allows for faster installation with fewer nails required. 


    • PF/PFB/PFDB - Post Frame Hangers. The PF series feature a patented double-shear nailing system. They are available in various options to suite many applications.


    • HFN/F - Panelized Construction Hangers. Panelized Construction Hangers are designed for panels or other components using jigs or other devices for precision fabrication. 


    • NRUZ - Retrofit Hangers. The original RUZ for glulam purlins and the NRUZ are specifically designed for installation around existing Simpson Strong-Tie panelized roof hangers. 


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