Bolts are versatile, widely used fasteners for a broad range of applications. They can be found and used in almost all industries. When paired with nuts and washers, they provide a secure, reliable connection for long lasting performance.


Carriage Bolts are designed for projects that require the fastening of metal to wood and wood to wood. These coach bolts are available in a wide variety of sizes in hot dip galvanized, 316 stainless steel, or 304 stainless steel options.

Lag Bolts securely fasten wood together for a many applications including heavy lumber projects. Fasteners Plus offers 304 stainless steel316 stainless steel, and hot dip galvanized lag bolts. When combined with coordinating lag shield anchors, lag screws can be utilized for concrete and masonry applications. 

U-Bolts are the superior choice when it comes to holding piping for water, gas, oil, and electrical conduits. They can also be used for attaching a part to a pole, sign, beam, or wall. These U-shaped bolts are available in a zinc or hot dip galvanized finish.

 Hex Bolts are threaded fasteners distinguished by their hexagonal-shaped heads with six sides. Also known as hex screws or hexagon screws, these bolts are well-suited for a diverse array of applications. Our Conquest A325 Heavy Hex Structural Bolts are available in a hot dip galvanized and plain finish.

Fasteners Plus offers a selection of Carriage Bolts and U-Bolts that are suitable for many projects. If you’re unsure which type of bolt is right for your application, please contact our product specialists at 888-794-1590. We’re here to answer any product questions you have and will work together to find the right fastener for your next job.