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Syntec Diamond Tools has been at the forefront of innovation in the diamond tool industry since 1994. All of Syntec’s Australian-made premium diamond blades, cup wheels, and concrete core bits, have gone through various research and development phases as well as rigorous product testing throughout the years, resulting in the highest-quality diamond tools on the market. 

With quality diamond tools being top of mind, Syntec has been able to create industry-leading products in various categories including the Diamond Blade industry with both their concrete diamond blades and asphalt diamond blades. For applications needing Diamond Blades for Circular Saws, diamond blades for angle grinders, and hand saw diamond blades. Commercial contractors that use diamond blades for angle grinders, low horsepower saws, or any other walk-behind saws can find both great value and durability with Syntec’s premium line of Diamond Saw Blades.

Looking for diamond cup wheels that stand the test of time? Syntec covers ALL the bases.  Aggressive Concrete Removal Discs,  General Concrete removal discs (as well as light coating prep),  cup wheels that remove epoxy and other membranes (without gumming up), all the way to the final stage… concrete polishing wheels. Syntec’s concrete grinding discs are compatible with most angle grinders. You’ll find cup wheels with 5/8”–7/8” arbors and concrete grinding wheels with threaded arbors.

Syntec provides a few different options for core bits. Finding the right core drill bit depends on the type of aggregate your looking to drill into. Core bits for wet concrete that is medium or hard,  utilize turbo segments typically found with diamond core bits used for light to heavy-duty drilling. Diamond tipped core drill bits that work really well with reinforced concrete, exposed aggregate, and precast concrete, utilizing shark tooth segments and fittings made with sturdy steel and aluminum.

Syntec also has the ability to create custom diamond tools perfect for your job. Their product designers and technical team customize products for most applications requiring diamond tooling. If you can’t find what you’re searching for, give us a call or email us with details of what you’re trying to accomplish. We will work directly with Syntec to find you the right product or help create Custom Diamond Blades, Custom Concrete Grinding Wheels, or Custom Core Drill Bits that fit perfectly for your job.