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Masonry Connectors from Simpson Strong-Tie offer strong, and durable solutions to connection walls, trusses, beams, and other fixtures to concrete and masonry material. We carry a large selection of masonry connectors to choose from to suit a wide variety of application needs and requirements.

    • MTSM/HTSM Twist Straps - provide a high-strength connection between wooden or steel trusses and masonry.


    • LGUM/HGUM Masonry Girder Hangers - feature a face-mount design used to secure beams or girders in masonry applications.


    • LMAZ/MAB/MASB Mudsill Anchors - provide an alternative to anchor bolts. These masonry connectors mount easily on forms and allow for flexible installation.


    • MASA/MASAP Mudsill Anchors - are a time-saving alternative to anchor bolts on 2x, double-2x, and 3x mudsills.


    • MBHA Masonry Hangers are a single-piece, non-welded connector for use in connection applications of solid sawn, truss, and engineered wood products to masonry material.


    • MBHU Masonry Beam Hangers - are the face-mount equivalent of the MBHA Hanger, which is a top-flange version.


    • MSTAM/MSTCM Masonry Strap Ties provide strong connection and uplift support in wood-to-masonry applications.


    • META/HETA/HETAL/HHETA Embedded Truss Anchors provide an engineered method to attach roof trusses to concrete and masonry walls.


    • LGT/MGT/VGT/HGT Girder Tiedowns are suitable for moderate-to high-load applications, typically installed before roof sheathing.


    • BT Brick Ties are used to provide strong connections between a wood structure and a brick veneer.


    • FRFP/URFP Retrofit Foundation Plates are available in two convenient and flexible design options and offer secure connections between the mudsill and foundation.


    •  ICFVL Ledge Connector System - is engineered to solve the challenges of mounting wood or steel ledgers to insulated concrete form (ICF) walls. 


    • GLB/HGLB Beam Sets - provide a connection between beam and concrete or CMU pilaster. 


    • FJA Foundation Joist Anchors - are designed to provide a direct connection between the foundation and a joist to resist uplift and lateral forces. 

Don't see the Simpson masonry connectors you're looking for? We have access to the full lineup of Simpson Strong-Tie masonry connectors that are available for special order upon request. Call one of our knowledgeable product specialists at 888-794-1590 for any product or special order questions today!