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We carry a wide selection of Simpson Strong-Tie® solid sawn joist hangers, Beam Hangers, and Header Hangers to meet a large range of applications from decking, floors, ceilings, and more. Joist hangers provide a much stronger connection than using nails or screws alone. Joist hangers come in all shapes and sizes, although most are U-Shaped and wrap around three sides of a lumber joist. There are also a variety of specialty joists to use in specific and sometimes less-common construction applications.

Solid Sawn Joist Hangers are perhaps some of the most commonly used joist connectors. They come in a wide variety of shapes to accommodate specific construction applications and lumber types.

I-Joist and Structural Composite Lumber Hangers are used to mount I-Joists to wall plates for flooring and roofing applications.

Glulam Beam Hangers are used for glulam beam construction applications. Glulam lumber, otherwise known as glued laminated lumber, is engineered lumber composed of wood laminations bonded by powerful adhesives.

HH Header Hangers provide a quick, easy, and accurate solution to the installation of door and window headers and other cross members.

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