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Our Strut Channel Hardware comes in a variety of finishes to accommodate your next project for all environments. Channel Hardware should be used with like metals to ensure long-lasting fastening performance. 

Not sure what you're looking for? Here is a summary of each category:

Channel Nuts - Channel Nuts come in a few different shapes and sizes and should be paired with threaded rod, bolts, nuts, and washers that match your channel nut's diameter. We carry Channel Nuts with No Springs for all depths of channel, Short Spring Channel Nuts for 13/16" channel depth, Regular Spring Nuts for 1-5/8" Channel depth, Long Spring Channel Nuts for 3-1/4" Channel depth, and Top Spring Nuts. 

Nuts and Washers - Nuts and Washers come in a variety of finishes and should match the diameter of threaded rod or bolts they are being attached to. Nuts are comprised of Square Nuts and Hex Nuts ranging from a variety of diameters. Lock Washers, Flat Washers, and Fender Washers are used to keep the nuts from wiggling loose. They are essential when used with nuts. 

Threaded Rod - Threaded rod is available in different lengths and finishes to match the corrosion resistance you need for your project. All Thread threaded rod is used when suspending your structure in projects like ceiling grids and should be used with like metal nuts and washers.