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Strut channel is used for light structural support for wiring, HVAC, plumbing, and more. The inward-facing lips of the steel strut channel pieces enable you to use a variety of strut channel hardware to join all sizes of strut channel together. Channel nuts, braces, and other fittings are key components to building a frame or support for your project. You will find a variety of options to choose from when looking for channel sections in sizes ranging from 1 ft. to 20 ft. strut channel. There are varying depths of channel from the 13/16” shallow strut or “low profile strut” to the deepest size of 3-1/4” with 1-5/8” channel being the standard for most metal framing projects.

Solid Strut Channel- has no holes or slots for easy containment of wiring, plumbing, and other mechanical components found in electrical and construction applications. Solid metal strut channel provides a cleaner finish for those looking for the most aesthetically pleasing option.

Short-slotted strut channel has 1-1/8" x 9/16" Slots 2" on center and is the standard for steel slotted channel. Slotted Strut comes in a variety of depths from shallow slotted strut to deep slotted strut.

Long-slotted strut channel contains 3" x 13/32" Slots 4" on center. Typically these long-slotted channels are used in conjunction with threaded rod or are used when adjustments need to be made on the fly. They give more wiggle room for installations like building a trapeze or suspending something from above.

Universal Slots use alternating slots of 1-1/8" x 13/32" and 1-1/8" x 9/16" Slots 2" on Center.

Strut channel with punched holes has 9/16" Holes at the base that are 1-7/8" on center. This strut channel with holes supports wiring, plumbing, and a variety of mechanical components. Use threaded rod with hangers to support and hang conduit. Use either threaded rod or bolts to support the channel and connected fittings.


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