Straps & Ties

Don't see the Simpson straps & ties you're looking for? We have access to the full lineup of Simpson Strong-Tie straps & ties that are available for special order upon request. Call one of our knowledgeable product specialists at 888-794-1590 for any product or special order questions today!

  • H/TSP - Seismic and Hurricane Ties. Simpson Strong-Tie® hurricane ties provide a positive connection between truss/rafter and the wall of the structure to resist wind and seismic forces.

  • CS/CMST - Coiled Straps. CMSTC provides nail slots for easy installation; it can be cut to length. CS are continuous utility straps which can be cut to length on the job site.

  • HH - Header Hangers. For fast, accurate installation of door and window headers and other cross members. HH header hangers can speed up the job, strengthen the frame, and eliminate the need for trimmers.

  • RTC/FWH - Rigid Tie Connectors. The Rigid Tie® RTC series secures two wood members to a vertical post forming a 90° corner. The RTC42 and RTC44 are heavy-duty structural connectors.