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Anchor bolts provide a strong and durable solution to connect both structural and non-structural elements to concrete material. Concrete foundation bolts are available in several different styles and size configurations to fit a variety of applications. They feature a headstamp for easy identification after the concrete is poured.


L Anchor Bolts attach sill plates to masonry foundations and can provide anchorage for lightweight post bases. These L Shaped Foundation Bolts are to be set in wet concrete with threads exposed.


J Anchor Bolts are often used to secure walls to concrete. These round J hook bolts typically hook around rebar or another securing piece inside the concrete wall depending on how the engineer draws up their plans. Using Galvanized J Bolts involves embedding the bolt into wet concrete.

PAB Pre-Assembled Anchor Bolts are a versatile cast-in-place anchor bolt, well suited for high-tension-load applications.

SSTB Anchor Bolts provide maximum performance and hold as an anchor bolt for holdowns and shearwalls.

SB Anchor Bolts are another solution for holdowns and feature a rolled thread for higher tensile capacity.

RFB Retrofit Bolts provide a retrofit installation solution and when used with adhesive anchors offer a complete engineered anchoring system.


Wedge Anchors work great for anchoring the sill plate to existing foundations. Wedge Anchors are installed into a pre-drilled hole using the appropriate Concrete Drill Bit, where the wedge is expanded by tightening the nut. Once installed, wedge anchors are not removable after the anchor has expanded.

Coupler Nuts are a tested and load-rated method to join threaded rod and anchor bolts.

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