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We offer a variety of Strut Channel Fittings to give you everything you need to make stable connections for your next project. Whether it be constructing ceiling grids, HVAC Systems, Plumbing, or even creating basic shelves Channel Fittings are an integral part of every project. Channel Fittings are available in a variety of finishes from Aluminum, Hot-Dipped Galvanized, 304 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, and other painted or coated options. 

Fittings include Pipe Straps and Clamps with a variety of nominal-sized tube options and outside diameter strut pipe clamps. Angle Fittings that join channel at the corners are a fundamental part of most strut channel structures.

Shelf Brackets and Braces support loads against walls and provide stability to structures. Channel braces provide light structural support and join 2 pieces typically at 45-degree angles. Shelf brackets work great for creating work shelves and adding storage spaces to your workspaces.

Channel Brackets attach vertically to support sections of strut channel and can strengthen the frame at points where channels change direction. Fittings can be attached to both types of channel brackets with slots facing up and channel brackets with slots facing down.

Beam Clamps provide mounting support utilizing "I" beam Flange Clamps, U-Bolt Beam Clamps, and other variants including clamps to connect threaded rod to connect your channel structure to those beams. 

Clevis Fittings are designed to join to channel pieces together. Trapeze supports and seismic bracing can be achieved by utilizing splice plates and other fasteners. Clevis fittings can also be utilized to connect pipe, conduit, duct, and cable tray supports to your ceiling grid.

Strut Channel End Caps cover the ends of strut channel to contain or prevent damage from being done to the contents of the channel.

Flat Fittings for Strut Channel are often used for joining pieces of strut together. T Plates, 4-direction cross plates, channel corner fittings, and other straight flat fittings are essential for larger projects needing additional support and connections.

Hangers and Electrical Fittings connect beams and wire rods with Purlin clamps and clips suspending from the beams and flanges. Strut channel electrical hangers and fittings help support and contain conduit runs.

Strut Channel Post Bases help to stabilize structures such as HVAC, Plumbing, and storage racks while maintaining connection to the floor. Available in both single and double strut post bases.

Strut Channel Trolley and track supports allow overhead suspension and guided movement of loads on the strut channel tracks. Commonly used for rolling doors, rolling tracks, and other applications that need movement in 2 straight directions.

Z and U Shaped Fittings fasten two channels stacked on top of each other. Fittings available in various heights to pair with various channel heights. Available in both slotted or punched holes for ease of installation.

Wing Fittings Wrap around the sides of the channel at the corners for additional customization to your channel structure.