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Having the right tools for the job is important. If your job involves fastening and securing objects to concrete and masonry, then Concrete Anchors are a must-have item in your tool arsenal.

Concrete Anchors, also known as concrete fasteners come in many different varieties and are applicable to a number of construction applications to secure both structural and non-structural objects to concrete.

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Here is a brief overview of the types of concrete anchors we have available. Be sure to check out the individual anchor categories for even more information on each product type.

Wedge Anchors are installed into a pre-drilled hole using the appropriate Concrete Drill Bit, where the wedge is expanded by tightening the nut. Once installed, wedge anchors are not removable after the anchor has expanded.

Concrete Screws are the ideal fastener for attaching wood to concrete and can be used for permanent or temporary applications.

Adhesive Connectors are an ideal solution to create strong and durable bonds for rod, rebar, and smooth dowels in concrete, masonry, and other materials.

Drop-In Anchors are internally threaded concrete expansion anchors used in flush-mount applications in concrete and masonry base materials.

Hammer Drive Anchors are designed to install easily and delivers strong connections for applications using concrete or grout-filled block.

Foundation Bolts provide a strong and durable connection between both structural and non-structural elements and concrete.

Sleeve Anchors are an extremely versatile style of concrete anchor and can be used in all types of solid base materials such as concrete, block, and brick.

Helical Wall Ties are used to anchor building facades to structural members or to stabilize brick walls. They allow you to complete repairs that preserve the appearance of the building.

Crimp Drive Anchors feature a pre-formed curvature along the shaft which creates an expansion mechanism to secure the anchor in place.

Split-Drive Anchors are similar to crimp drive anchors in that they are hammered into a pre-drilled hole and do not require a secondary tightening procedure to secure it into the base material.

Zinc Nailon Anchors are low-cost, mushroom head anchors for applications under static loads. The anchors are easily installed by hitting a hammer on the head that drives the pin through the anchor.

AnchorMate Bolt Anchors are a convenient and reusable solution designed to hold an anchor in place before the concrete pour.

Anchor Bolt Locators and Stabilizers help ensure a smooth and easy installation process of anchor bolts before and during the concrete pour.

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