Glulam Beam Hangers

Glulam Beam Hangers are used for glulam beam construction applications. Glulam lumber, otherwise known as glued laminated lumber, is engineered lumber composed of wood laminations bonded by powerful adhesives. We have a wide-selection of glulam beam hanger options available to suit your specific application needs.

HU/HUC are heavy-duty face-mount joist hangers made from 14-gauge galvanized steel. HUC hangers feature a concealed flange that points inward vs. the HU version where the flanges face outward. The concealed flange design provides a cleaner look in exposed conditions.

HUCQ models feature a concealed flange for cleaner lines in exposed conditions. The Q in the item name indicates that this hardware comes in a package with Strong-Drive SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws included.


HGUS beam hangers have double-shear nailing which helps distribute the load through two points on each joist nail for greater strength. This helps save time during installation and allows the use of common nails for all connections.


GLS/HGLS Glulam Saddle Hanger and Heavy Glulam Saddle Hanger.  These glulam hangers feature a saddle design that eliminates the need for back-to-back hanger installation, while the Funnel Flange feature allows for easy installation of beams. The GLS and HGLS install with heavy N54 ring-shank nails specifically created for glulam or heavy timber.

Don’t see the Glulam Beam Hanger you’re looking for? We have access to the full lineup of Simpson Strong-Tie joist hangers that are available for special order upon request. Contact our team of product experts today at 888-794-1590 and we’ll work together to find the right joist hanger for your application.