Indoor Architectural Products

Do you have an interior or exposed application that requires a more finished and decorative look? Our selection of Simpson Strong-Tie Indoor Architectural Products is an excellent solution when aesthetics are a concern. The majority of options in this category feature a black powder-coat finish for a more decorative look compared to other Simpson Connector options. Don’t let their good looks fool you. These are still strong and durable products that will help you create a durable structure that will stand the test of time.

OL/OHL/OT/OHT Beam-Column Ties are a notched version of beam-to-column ties and provide excellent transfer tension loads.

OHU Ornamental Joist Hangers are a heavy-duty, load rated joist hanger that is attached using Strong-Drive® double-barrier coating SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws.

OU Ornamental Joist Hangers are a 7-gauge face-mount hanger used for connecting joists to headers.

CJT Concealed Joist Ties offer a clean, strong, and concealed connection between headers and joist beams.

CBPC Column Bases install with machine bolts and provides tested capacity for attaching posts to concrete. The design allows the base plate to be flush with the concrete.

OCB Ornamental Column Bases help prevent wood members from rotating. The design enables the base plate to be flush with the concrete.

CCPC Column Caps are used to create strong and durable connections between columns and beams.

OCC Ornamental Column Caps are used to create strong and durable connections between columns and beams. These are a notched version of the CCPC column caps.

OS/OHS Ornamental Strap Ties are a notched strap which transfers tension loads across a wide variety of applications.

OHA Heavy Angles and HLPC/HLGPC Heavy Angles and Gussets are an easy and convenient way to create a wide range of 90° connections.

BPPC Bearing Plates provide a greater bearing surface than standard-cut washers, which helps to better distribute the load at critical connections.

HSTPC/PSPC Heavy Strap Ties are the non-notched version of the OS/OHS Ornamental Strap Ties and provide transfer tension loads.

Composite Standoff Bases are designed for use with either hollow or wood columns and are suitable for interior and exterior applications.

HLPC/HTPC Beam-To-Column Ties are a non-notched alternative to OL/OHL/OT/OHT Beam-To-Column Ties and are specifically designed to be used in ornamental applications.

Don't see the Simpson architectural products you're looking for? We have access to the full lineup of Simpson Strong-Tie architectural products that are available for special order upon request. Call one of our knowledgeable product specialists at 888-794-1590 for any product or special order questions today!