Bulk Loose Nails

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Bulk Loose Nails are available in a wide variety of styles and for a number of different construction and carpentry applications. As the name suggests, the nails are not connected or collated together like collated nails, but rather are loose in a box.

Common Nails are a general-purpose nail suitable for a wide range of applications, although they are typically used for framing and other structural work. They feature a wide head, thick shank, and a diamond-shaped point.

Box Nails are thinner than common nails, making them better suited to use with thinner wood materials. They do not have the same strength and holding power as common nails and therefore shouldn’t be used for structural projects.

Finishing Nails are typically used for finishing trim work. These are small nails with small heads making it easy to fill the nail hole with putty and paint for a smooth finish.

Siding Nails are made out of high-quality stainless steel which provides exceptional corrosion resistance, making this style nail a good choice for exterior applications such as siding installations.

Roofing Nails have a short shank and a wide, flat head and are used to attached shingles, roofing felt, and more.

Shake and Shingle Nails can be used to firmly secure shakes and shingles of all types. They feature a slender shank to help minimize splitting and a diamond point for easier driving.

Deck Nails are ideal for exterior decking applications. The slender shank profile helps reduce the chance of splitting and the annular ring shank increases pull-out resistance to help prevent nailhead from popping up over time.

We also carry a large selection of construction screws, including masonry screws, structural wood screws, drywall screws, and more.

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