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Cold-formed steel connectors from Simpson Strong-Tie are designed especially for use in cold-formed steel construction. Cold-formed steel (CFS) is a process where sheets of steel are shaped to create columns, joists, studs, beams, and other common construction components. Cold-formed steel does not split or shrink and is more resistant to corrosion than traditional lumber components, making it suitable for a wide variety of construction projections and in a wide range of environments as well.

SUBH Bridging Connectors have a compact profile that allows them to be sistered directly against adjacent studs in standard 1-5/8” stud installations.

S/DTT2Z - S/LTT Tension Ties are designed for lighter-duty holdown applications with single or back-to-back studs.

S/HD - S/HDU Holdowns provide loads for high-load shearwalls, braced-wall panels, and lateral applications. The thoughtful design helps limit material stretch, resulting in low deflection under load.

CFS Hurricane Ties provide support for trusses or joints in cold-formed steel construction applications. These versatile hurricane ties can be used for general tie purposes, as well as strongback attachments, and even as all-purpose ties.

S/BA Top Flange Hangers offer flexible installation options and can be fastened with screws, powder-actuated fasteners, or welded to the header.

S/JCT Steel-Joist Connectors can be used with CFS Headers, wood headers, steel I-beams, and masonry walls and are field-skewable up to 45°.

MSCB/SCB Framing Connectors can accommodate applications that usually require two parts with just a single side-clip connector.

SC/SCW Slide-Clip Connectors are ideal for high-seismic areas and provide an optimal solution for slide-clip bypass framing.

FCB Bypass Framing Connectors are rated for tension, compression, shear, and in-plane loads and feature a flexible design which allows for the use of varying screw and anchorage patterns to help achieve different load levels.

SFC/LSFC CFS Utility Clips are a multi-use and low-cost utility clip for light to moderate loading conditions in stud-to-stud and stud-to-structure applications that don’t require long leg lengths.

SJC/MSJC Steel-Joist Connectors are designed for a wide variety of cold-formed steel joist, rafter, and underside of metal-deck applications.

SSC/LSSC/MSSC Stud Connectors are suitable for a variety of stud-to-stud and stud-to-structure cold-formed steel construction applications.

RCA Rigid Connector Angles are intended as a general-purpose style clip to use in a wide variety of cold-formed steel construction applications.

RCKW Rigid Kneewall Connectors are designed to resist overturning moment at the base of exterior kneewalls and parapets as well as interior partial-height walls or overhead ribbon window conditions.

S/LS CFS Reinforcing Angles are skewable from 0° to 135° and are a great option for a wide variety of applications, such as connecting roof rafters to hip rafters at various angles.

S/HGAM10KT Gable Truss Brackets are strong and durable hurricane gusset angles used to secure the bottom chord of a gable end truss or other framing members to masonry.

Steel Roof Truss Clip gives you a slotted connection from the truss or joist to the top track.

Steel Header Hangers are used to support traditional cold-formed steel box headers, as well as large-flange lay-in headers.

SCHA Slide-Clip Connectors are designed for use in panelized or stick-frame construction to secure cold-formed steel anchors to concrete slabs or steel beams.

DSSCB Bypass Framing Connectors are used in cold-formed steel construction applications to support bypass framing to the edge of a floor slab and is a solution to accommodate building drift.

SBR/DBR Spacer Bracers provide bracing along the length of studs and feature pre-punched slots for faster and more efficient drywall installation.

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