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Simpson Strong-Tie® creates structural building products that help people create safer and stronger buildings and homes. Strong-Tie® connectors are manufactured to the highest quality standards. They are engineered and tested to perform.

This line of Simpson hardware features a variety of wood-to-wood, wood-to-masonry and wood-to-concrete connectors.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Here’s a summary of each category:

Post Bases & Post Caps - Post bases, also known as column bases, are used for attaching a post to a concrete base in either wet set or dry set applications. Post caps are used for attaching a post to a beam or header.

Joist Hangers - Help in anchoring joists in a fixed position, creating a better connection between the joist and the wall or beam. They are available in either a face mount or top flange application for nominal, rough-cut, glulams and all types of engineered lumber.

Framing Angles - Used to strengthen and join two pieces of lumber, or other suitable substrates at an angle, while providing more consistent, straight corners. Framing angles have an unlimited number of uses and come in a wide array of corrosion-resistance for interior, exterior and severe environments.

Deck Ties and Fence Brackets - Deck ties are connectors designed for code compliance in deck construction, specifically where the deck connects to the house and where the deck posts and railing posts are connected. Fence brackets strengthen the connection between fence rails and posts and provide a nice cosmetic appearance.

Hurricane Ties and Strap Ties - Simpson Strong-Tie® hurricane ties provide a positive connection between the truss/rafter and the wall of the structure to resist wind and seismic forces. Straps are designed to transfer tension loads in a variety of applications and are available in a wide variety of sizes and load values.

Holdowns and Tension Ties - Holdowns, also known as hold downs or tension ties, represent key components that comprise a continuous load path. They are typically used in light-frame construction to resist uplift due to shear wall overturning or wind uplift forces. In panelized roof construction, these connectors are used to anchor concrete or masonry walls to roof framing.

Plated Truss Connectors - These ties are light-gauge metal plates that are used to connect prefabricated light frame wood trusses. Simpson Strong-Tie® has been involved in the component industry for decades. Their manufacturing facility consistently produces top-quality plates with some of the highest loads in the industry.

Plywood Sheathing Clips - Used to brace unsupported sheathing edges and provide a 1/8" gap to address shrinkage and expansion of roof sheathing. These are also referred to as H-clips or panel sheathing clips.

Outdoor Accents - A great way to add beauty and strength to your custom outdoor living structures. Our galvanized steel with black powder coat provides corrosion protection for these decorative brackets.

Indoor Architectural Products - Aesthetically pleasing, pre-finished connectors and innovative concealed joist ties designed for exposed wood applications. These connectors provide structural performance while adding a unique appearance to a project.

Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) Connectors - These specific types of connectors are designed to be used with steel frames and beams. They have the same qualities as wood connectors, but are designed specifically for steel in both commercial and residential applications.

Masonry Connectors - These connectors are designed and engineered to be used with anything concrete-related. They are typically used to hold down structures including racking and shelving. Included in this section are anchors, hangers, straps and tie downs used to connect and reinforce.

Sheathing Clips and Truss Clips - Used for alignment control in truss and sheathing connections. Sheathing clips are metal clips designed to be used in between wooden structures to provide support to the edges. Truss clips are light metal clips used to connect wooden trusses.

Tie Plates and Mending Plates - Designed to join two pieces of lumber together, both tie plates and mending plates accomplish this task through installation at the joint, and hammering the plate down. Tie Plates require the use of specified fasteners and create a stronger connection, while Mending Plates are simply hammered down and use metal tabs that penetrate the wood to create a solid connection.

Stud Shoes - Created to strengthen, protect and reinforce wooden studs that have been notched for plumbing and other work. The galvanized stud shoes protect the plumbing from nails and other fasteners penetrating the pipes, and also add strength and structural integrity to the studs. Multiple stud sizes available, and 2 different style options to fit your application.

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