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Daggerz™, also known as International Fasteners, is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of construction screws. International Fasteners has a true commitment to quality, service, value, and trust for all of your fastener needs. 

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Daggerz™ Self Drilling Screws eliminate the need for pre-drilling with a pointed end that acts as its own drill bit. This allows for faster installation times and strong and durable connections. International Fastener's self drilling screws are typically used in steel applications. If you have an application with sealing requirements, there are also options available with EPDM Bonded Washers. 

Daggerz™ Drywall Screws attach drywall or sheetrock onto wood and metal framing. A drywall screw has deeper threading than other screws to help prevent them from losing grip from the drywall. They provide a stronger hold than nails and are available in several different sizes and finish options.

Daggerz™ Sheet Metal Screws are designed for metal-to-metal fastening jobs and feature a sharp piercing point to easily penetrate through metal. They are excellent for attaching sheet metal to light gauge metal as well as anchoring fixtures into light gauge metal.

Daggerz Post Frame Screws also known as pole barn screws are used to fasten metal to wood in moderate environmental applications. For applications with sealing requirements, there are also options available with EPDM Bonded Washers. 

Daggerz Deck Screws are a great choice for wood deck and composite deck applications. They have a larger surface area than regular wood screws and have deeper and sharper threading, making it easier to secure and with a stronger bond. They are available in several finishes including 305 stainless steel, ACQ Dagger Ultra-Guard Coating, and a Dacromet coating. 

Daggerz™ Wood Screws are suitable for a wide variety of general wood fastening applications and work well with most wood types, including hardwoods and softwoods. Available in either Zinc, Black Oxide, or Lubricized finishes and several size configurations.

Daggerz™ Cement Board Screws are designed to attach cement backer board to wood or light-gauge metal. They feature a unique thread design to help ensure strong connections and flush finishes. The unique Dagger Guard coating is corrosion-resistant and makes these fasteners ideal for a number of different cement backer board applications.

Daggerz™ Pocket Hole Screws provide a fast, strong, and reliable method of connecting wood members. They are specifically designed to fit in pocket hole applications and prevent wood splitting at the joint. International Fastener's pocket hole screws are self-tapping and feature a zinc or Lubricized coating.

Daggerz™ Concrete Screws are great for wood or metal-to-concrete applications. They are available in trim head or flat head options. These bronze and white concrete screws feature a proprietary Dagger-Guard coating that provides corrosion resistance for exterior environments.

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