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Post bracket connectors, encompassing various caps and bases, are crucial in building wooden structures like decks, porches, and fences. They are vital for ensuring the longevity and robustness of these constructions.

Enhancing Structural Integrity

Post caps and bases significantly enhance the strength and stability of connections between posts and beams in wooden structures. They provide crucial support against shear loads and tension, which is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of constructions such as decks, fences, and pergolas.

Preventing Moisture Damage & Decay

Post caps and bases act as a critical barrier for the tops and bottoms of posts, protecting them from water penetration. This helps prevent rot and mold growth, which can severely weaken wood over time.

Types of Post Brackets

Post brackets generally fall into two categories: bases and caps. Bases secure posts and columns to the ground or other structures, while caps attach to the tops of posts or columns. Below, we explore each type in more detail.


Bases are essential components that anchor posts and columns to the ground or other structures, providing stability and support. Post bases are typically used for smaller, lighter posts, whereas column bases are designed for larger, heavier columns that support significant structures.

Post Bases

Post bases are designed to anchor posts securely to the ground or a concrete base, ensuring stability and resistance to uplift and lateral forces. Commonly used in the construction of decks, pergolas, and other outdoor structures, these bases help prevent moisture-related deterioration.

Types of Post Bases

  • Retrofit Post Bases: Installed after the concrete foundation has set and cured.
  • Cast-in Place Post Bases: Installed in the formwork, with concrete poured around them, embedding the base once set.
  • Fence Post Bases: Specifically designed for fence posts, often with unique features for this application.
  • Decorative Post Bases: Black powder-coated bases that enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor structures.

Simpson Retrofit Post Base Options

ABA/ABU/ABW Adjustable Post Bases

These bases are versatile for various construction scenarios requiring precise post placement, such as decks and pergolas. They are ideal for ensuring level structures on uneven grounds.

  • ABA: Basic adjustable post base for general applications.
  • ABU: Adjustable with additional support for heavier applications.
  • ABW: Adjustable with wraparound support for three sides of the post base.
RPBZ Retrofit Post Bases

The RPBZ retrofit post base strengthens existing posts and columns. It works with posts as large as a double 2x4 or larger, making it versatile for reinforcing old posts and connecting new ones in structures like braced carports and decks.

CPTZ Concealed Post Ties

The CPTZ concealed post base offers a sleek, hidden appearance while keeping posts elevated above the concrete, preventing rot and meeting building codes for posts exposed to outdoor elements.

Simpson Cast-In Place Post Base Options

MPBZ Moment Post Bases

The MPBZ post base enhances the stability of posts or columns in outdoor projects. Its unique overlapping sleeve design helps prevent the post from twisting at the base, ensuring structural sturdiness.

PB/PBS Regular & Standoff Post Bases
  • PB: Suitable for applications with minimal moisture exposure and where aesthetics are important.
  • PBS: Set into wet concrete, ideal for outdoor structures exposed to weather, preventing moisture-induced decay.
EPB Elevated Post Bases

These bases securely embed within concrete form while maintaining elevation from the ground to prevent rot at the base of the post.

PPBZ Porch Post Bases

The PPBZ porch base supports the framing of porches, handling the weight of porch frames and roof overhangs, ensuring stability throughout the building process.

Adjustable Porch Post Bases

The PPBF adjustable porch post base supports porch framing through every construction stage, eliminating the need for temporary vertical supports and allowing for height adjustments.

Simpson Fence Post Options

E-Z Spikes/Menders/Bases
  • E-Z Fence Post Menders: Reinforce weakened wood posts without replacing them.
  • E-Z Retrofit Post Bases: Attach 4x4 wood posts to existing concrete easily.
  • E-Z Fence Post Spikes: Quick setup without digging holes or pouring concrete.

Simpson Decorative Post Base Options

Decorative Post Bases

The Simpson Outdoor Accents collection features post bases that elevate wood columns from moisture, offering optional decorative side plates for enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Column Bases

Column bases support larger columns in substantial structures, such as large decks and covered patios. They provide firm structural support and enhanced stability under heavy loads.

Types of Column Bases

  • Standoff Column Bases: Elevate the post or column above the concrete foundation to prevent moisture contact.
  • Non-standoff Column Bases: Installed directly on the concrete slab, suitable where moisture is not a major concern.

Simpson Standoff Column Bases

CBS/CBSQ Column Bases

These bases secure columns to their concrete foundations, effectively transmitting structural stresses to the foundation.

  • CBS: Installed using standard hardware, offering flexibility in hardware choices.
  • CBSQ: Includes Strong-Drive® SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws for faster installation and a cleaner look.
ECB Elevated Column Bases

The ECB elevated column base offers a 2-inch standoff height, allowing for easy installation of waterproofing materials while maintaining required clearance to keep posts dry and prevent decay.

Simpson Non-Standoff Column Bases

CB Column Bases

The CB column base anchors posts to concrete foundations, accommodating various materials and ensuring high structural integrity and durability.

Post Caps & Column Caps

Caps provide the finishing touch to posts and columns, protecting them from environmental elements and enhancing connection strength between vertical and horizontal members.

Post Caps

Post caps sit atop posts, protecting them from moisture and debris, and connect posts to beams or rafters. They are commonly used in fence posts, deck posts, and roof trusses.

Types of Post Caps

  • One-Piece Post Caps: Secure beams to posts, offering lateral and uplift support in wood construction.
  • Two-Piece Post Caps: Form a robust connection between a beam and a post, ideal for new constructions and retrofit projects.

Simpson One-Piece Post Caps

BC/BCS Post Caps
  • BC Post Caps: Suitable for light-duty connections, ideal for small-scale projects.
  • BCS Post Caps: Feature double-shear nailing for enhanced strength, suitable for heavier-duty applications.
PCZ/EPCZ Post Caps

These post caps facilitate fast and easy post-to-beam connections, suitable for various construction environments.

  • EPCZ Post Caps: Used at termination points of the construction.
  • PCZ Post Caps: General post-to-beam connectors for a broad range of applications.

Simpson Two-Piece Post Caps

  • AC Post Caps: Feature flexible nailing patterns for variable load levels.
  • LCE Post Caps: Accommodate different lumber sizes, ideal for outdoor structures.
  • LPCZ Post Caps: Adjustable design for decks, overhangs, and other constructions.

Column Caps

Column caps cover the tops of columns, distributing loads effectively between columns and beams or rafters, ensuring improved load distribution and stability in large outdoor structures.

Types of Column Caps

  • Bolted Column Caps: Enhance column-to-beam connections, increasing load transfer with added bearing area.
  • SDS Screw Column Caps: Utilize Strong-Drive SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws for quick installation and a sleeker profile.
  • Lally/Steel Column Caps: Secure steel beams to lally columns, ensuring structural integrity and stability.

Simpson Bolted Column Caps

CC Column Caps

These caps strengthen column-beam connections, featuring an extended bearing surface for load distribution and support, with certified welds for strength and reliability.

CCC Cross Column Caps

Enhance column-to-beam connections where multiple beams intersect, efficiently distributing the load across intersecting beams for stability.

CCT T-Style Column Caps

Strengthen column-to-beam connections in a "T" formation, effectively distributing the load from intersecting beams for enhanced support.

ECC End Column Caps

Designed for robust column-beam connections at the end of beams, featuring an extended bearing surface for load distribution and support.

ECCL L-Shaped End Column Caps

Enhance column-to-beam connections in an "L" formation, distributing the load from beams and reinforcing the stability of the connection.

Simpson SDS Screw Column Caps

CCQ Column Caps

These caps are designed for robust column-beam connections, enhancing support with an extended bearing surface for load distribution, utilizing Strong-Drive® SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws for fast installation.

  • CCQM: For floor support beams in non-corner locations, ensuring secure, flush installation.
  • CCTQM: For floor support beams in non-corner locations, featuring a side stirrup for intermediate beams.
  • CCCQM: Accommodates floor support beams and intermediate beams at 90° angles.
  • ECCLQ: For strong column-beam connections in "L" formation applications.
  • CCCQ: For effective column-to-beam connections with multiple wood beams atop a column.
  • CCTQ: For strong column-to-beam connections in a "T" formation.
ECCQ End Column Caps

Designed for robust column-beam connections at the end of beams, featuring an extended bearing surface for load distribution and support, utilizing Strong-Drive® SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws for fast installation.

Simpson Steel & Lally Column Caps

LCC/CCOS Lally & Steel Column Caps

These caps securely attach steel beams to lally columns, ensuring strong and stable connections, adaptable to various beam sizes and layouts.

  • CCOS: High-capacity solution for column-to-beam connections, designed for field welding to steel columns.
  • LCC: Welds directly to lally columns, securing beams with side plates for a safer installation.

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