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Simpson Strong-Tie® offers a variety of post caps, post bases or post brackets, column caps and column bases for fences, decks, and many other applications where a post or column is required. Post and beam connectors are an integral piece to any structure.

Each Simpson post base is designed to attach a post to a concrete base. We offer both wet set and dry set versions to meet the needs of your post application. Every Simpson concrete post base comes in a variety of sizes, and can accommodate both traditional nominal, as well as rough-cut lumber. The finish on these bases (also called post brackets) differs according to the amount of corrosion resistance needed for interior, exterior or harsh conditions.

Post caps are used to attach a post to a beam or header. They are available for traditional nominal and rough-cut lumber, glulams, laminated lumber, and metal posts. Each Simpson post cap is available in a variety of finishes, including G90, ZMAX®, hot dip galvanized, stainless steel, gray paint and powder-coated.


    • ABA/ABU/ABW Adjustable and Standoff Post Bases - This variety of adjustable post bases accommodates different loads and code compliances for different regions of the country. Meant for use with nominal or rough cut lumber, all have a 1” standoff to protect the post from standing water, which can lead to early decay.


    • MPBZ Moment Post Bases - Simpson has a patent pending on the first post base specifically designed to provide moment resistance for columns or posts. The post base is ideal for carports, fences and decks, and has built in tabs to provide the required 1” standoff to resist decay. 


    • BC/BCS Post Caps - The BCS allows for the connection of two 2x members to a 4x post, or three 2x members to a 6x post. Double-shear nailing between beam and post provides additional strength. The BC series offers dual purpose post cap/base for light cap or base connections.


    • CPTZ Concealed Post Ties - Also called a concealed post base, the CPTZ offers a clean cosmetic appearance and works with either nominal or rough cut lumber. The 1-inch standoff protects the post from exposure to standing water.


    • CBTZ Concealed Beam Ties - Connect horizontal beams atop a vertical post. They continue the structural load path into the foundation through the CPTZ concealed post ties.


    • CB Column Bases - These column bases help connect posts to the concrete for a large variety of members. The CB column bases accommodate glulam and solid sawn members ranging from 4x4 up to 12x12.


    • CC Column Caps - Designed to provide a high-capacity connection that attaches a beam and a column. Fasteners sold separately.


    • CCC Cross Column Caps - Provide strong column-to-beam connections when there are multiple wood beams on top of a column. 


    • CCQ Column Caps - This is the standard column cap designed to attach a beam and column. The Q in the item name indicates that this hardware comes in a package with all the fasteners included.


    • CCQM/CCTQM/CCCQM Column Caps – Designed for use in raised pier foundations and applications where heavy timbers rest on concrete block columns or concrete.


    • CCT Column Caps T Configuration - Designed to provide strong column-to-beam connections when there are two beams in a “T” formation on top of a column. 


    • ECC End Column Caps - A companion piece to CC column caps, this cap is designed to attach the beam to the column while maintaining a flush fit against an exterior wall. Fasteners sold separately.


    • ECCL End Column Caps - Provide strong column-to-beam connections in end-of-beam applications when two beams intersect in an “L” formation on top of a column.


    • ECCLQ/CCCQ/CCTQ Column Caps - Provide strong, multiple beam-to-column connector options. This series of column caps uses Strong-Drive SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws for proper installation.


    • RPBZ Retrofit Post Bases - Designed to reinforce existing columns and posts, this one product fits all sizes from a double 2x4 and larger. RPBZ post bases can also be used with the composite standoff bases to meet the 1” code requirement.


    • PB/PBS Regular and Standoff Post Bases - Used in wet applications for decks and patios. The PBS model features a 1” standoff, reducing the potential for decay at post and column ends.


    • EPB Elevated Post Bases - These cast-in-place post bases provide a secure connection to the concrete, as well as the code-required 1” standoff to help protect against standing water. These metal post bases are not recommended for applications such as unbraced carports or fences.


    • AC/LPCZ/LCE Post Caps - Available in several different options, these feature a universal design that provides high load capacity and strength, while eliminating the needs for rights and lefts.


    • E Z Spikes/Mender/Bases - Allow for easy installation of 4x4 wood posts on existing concrete. The E-Z post base can be bolted to the concrete with four 1/2" anchors.


    • PCZ/EPCZ Post Caps - These post caps are designed with their post and beam flanges in-line so that one PCZ/EPCZ model can accommodate several post sizes.


    • CBS/CBSQ Column Bases - These standoff concrete post bases keep the post elevated above the concrete, protecting the post from standing water. Meets code requirements for structural posts installed in basements or exposed to water splash or weather.


    • ECCQ End Column Caps - A companion piece to CCQ column caps, this specific cap is designed to attach the beam to the column while maintaining a flush fit against an exterior wall. The Q in the item name indicates that this hardware comes in a package with all the fasteners included.


    • LCC/CCOS Lally Column Caps - LCC is designed to attach a beam to a circular lally column by welding to the beam. CCOS is a flat cap that is welded to both sides.


    • PPBZ Porch Post Bases - Allow a one-time installation to support permanent porch framing throughout the construction process. Two sizes are available for 4” to 6” slab thicknesses.


    • Adjustable Porch Post Bases - Support porch framing during each phase of construction. This post base eliminates the need for temporary vertical supports. The seat is adjustable and accommodates porch slab thicknesses ranging from 4" to 12". 


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