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Subfloor & Underlayment Screw Guns

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Simpson Quik Drive QDPRO250G2 Subfloor Attachment


Simpson Quik Drive QDPROLDHG2 Underlayment/Backerboard Attachment

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Save time, save energy, and save your back by using a Collated Screw Gun for your next subfloor or underlayment job. Designed with a variety of depth settings for the appropriate countersink, non-skid teeth to provide stability and accurate fastening, and a light, compact body for easy maneuvering, these are the ideal screw gun for subfloor and underlayment applications. Pair with the Quik Drive Subfloor/Underlayment Screws, and you’ve got a system that allows you to move faster and be extremely efficient. If you already own a Simpson Collated Screw Gun, simply add one of the attachments and you’ll have an even more versatile system.

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