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Deckorators Decking Products for Installing and Upgrading your Deck

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Deckorators Products Now Available at Fasteners Plus

Are you tired of looking outside and wishing you had a more relaxing outdoor space to enjoy beautiful weather with friends and family? We are here to help by providing a wide variety of products that will give your deck the upgrade you and your deck deserve! Fasteners Plus now offers Deckorator's high-quality balusters, connectors, post caps, hidden deck fasteners, and joist tape in one convenient place that will make your next project a whole lot easier.

1. Deck Balusters 

Balusters are a great way to add elegance and class to your deck and successfully deliver your outdoor space a new look and feel. Fasteners Plus offers a wide variety of Deckorator's balusters that will do just that. They have a powder-coated finish that guarantees a durable, unified, maintenance-free product that is ideal for outdoor use.

Deckorator's aluminum balusters are available in the convenient size options 26”, 32”, 32-1/4”, and 40”. They are sold in different pack sizes to ensure you have the proper number of balusters for your specific deck size.

  Deckorators Balusters


Baluster Styles:

The baluster style you choose will define the look and style of your deck. It is helpful to research what baluster styles you like the most so you can continue creating the deck of your dreams. Check out some of the baluster styles below to see what design catches your eye the most.

2. Connectors 

Connectors are an essential piece of the puzzle for installing a deck properly. Each type of connector has a specific purpose for helping you build a structure that is strong and long-lasting. Deckorator's connector options include baluster connectors, 2x4” railing connectors, and deck board railing connectors.

Baluster Connectors 

Deckorator's Classic and Estate horizontal baluster connectors provide a smooth connection between Deckorator's classic and estate railing and balusters. The connectors install on the top and bottom of the deck rails so you can connect the balusters without the hassle of drilling.

The packs available are 20 and 200 pieces that include stainless steel screws for installation. An individual package of 20 connectors installs 10 balusters. Deckorator's classic and estate connectors are compatible with wood or composite railing as well.

  Deckorators Estate Baluster Connectors

2x4” Railing Connectors 

Deckorator's 2x4” railing connectors are designed to successfully attach wood or composite boards to deck posts. These connectors function accurately for standard railing and multi-angle railing. They are made of durable plastic that is pre-drilled for accurate attachments to the deck posts. With a purchase of this railing connector, 1-1/2" square drive stainless-steel screws are included for installation.

Deckorators Baluster Railing Connector

Deck Board Railing Connectors 

Deckorator's deck board railing connectors are a clean and simple solution for attaching deck boards to the tops of deck railing. The finish is stainless steel, and the size is 4-1/2" x 1". They fit great underneath most styles of deck boards and 6" (5.5") wide Deckorator's composite boards. Deckorator's deck board railing connectors are compatible with all Deckorator's railing options as well.

Deckorators Deck Railing Connector

3. Deck and Fence Post Caps 

Along with balusters, post caps are perfect for complementing your deck with a stylish, finished appearance. Deckorator's post caps not only cover the looks department, but the solar post caps will even illuminate your outdoor space with no electricity or wiring necessary.

They are available in convenient sizes of 4x4” and 6x6” to accommodate your fence or deck posts. If you are looking for an adjustable post cap, the white traditional VersaCap pictured below to the right, has adjustable bases, and included screws for easy installation on deck posts.

Post Caps Styles:

Deckorators Post Caps

4. Hidden Deck Fasteners

Hidden deck fasteners are perfect for installing a deck that delivers a smooth, level surface without visible nails or screws sticking out of the deck boards. Deckorator's stowaway hidden fasteners and the Starborn pro plug tool do a fantastic job of executing a seamless and safe deck surface. 

Deckorators Stowaway Hidden Fastener 

Deckorator's stowaway hidden fastener system makes installing Deckorators composite deck boards much quicker and easier compared to traditional installation. This deck fastener eliminates the steps of predrilling and countersinking. It includes preloaded stainless steel, square-drive screws that connect the deck boards to joists using the grooved edges of the deck boards. The stowaway hidden deck fasteners are so discrete they provide decks a fastener-free appearance and deliver a consistent 1/4" spacing between deck boards every time. 

Deckorators Starborn Hidden Deck Fastener


Starborn Pro-Plug Tool

Additionally, the Starborn pro plug tool is ideal for fastening your Deckorator's deck boards or your choice of PVC decking and trim. This unique tool drives screws to the accurate depths below the surface of the deck board and drills an accurate hole that the screws and included PVC deck plugs fit into precisely. Starborns pro plug system kit conveniently includes the whole package of items necessary to install your deck boards.


  • No Cam-Out Auto-Stop mechanism to prevent screws from stripping
  • Free-spinning stop collar that protects the decking

Kit Includes:

  • Pro-Plug System Tool
  • 130 Screws
  • 165 Pro Plugs

Deckorators Pro Plug Kit

5. Joist Tape 

Before installing the surface of your deck, a product you won’t want to forget is joist tape. Applying Deckorator's butyl joist and flashing tape to the top of joists, rim joists, and ledgers will provide the best results for protecting your deck substructure against water damage and weathering. This tape also increases the holding power of the deck screws and acts as a barrier to protect screw holes from moisture. The sizes available are 1-5/8” x 50’ and 3-1/8” x 50’.

 Deckorators Butyl Joist Tape

Find it Fast. Get it Fast. 

Now that you have an amazing selection of decking products at your fingertips, you can build or upgrade the deck of your dreams! Fasteners Plus products are the best solutions to bringing strong, long-lasting outdoor structures to life.

Fasteners Plus carries a variety of screws, connectors, anchors, nails, power tools, and more! Place your orders at and our dedicated team will get quality products sent to you. If you have any questions about fastener options, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Product Experts at (888) 794-1590 or by email at

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