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Diamond Tools for Cutting and Drilling Heavy Duty Materials

The quality and type of saw blade you use to cut any material, is very important. When it comes to speed, versatility, and longevity, Syntec diamond blades are the way to go! Fasteners Plus now offers a wide variety of Syntec diamond blades and drilling core bits that are perfect for cutting or drilling through reinforced materials like bricks, blocks, walls, tiles, concrete, and asphalt. Watch the video below to learn more about Syntec's products and how they are manufactured!


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1. Low HP Hire Diamond Blades

Syntec's Low HP Hire diamond blades are some of the highest quality blades on the market today. They are priced at a great value, making them ideal for construction companies and rental yards. Syntec's diamond blades have a tensioned core made of high alloy, heat-treated steel. This core is properly tensioned resulting in a blade that cuts straight while remaining flexible enough to bend slightly under cutting pressure. All of the Low HP Hire diamond blades are designed for walk behind saws between 5-25hp. 

Styles Include:

Syntec Low HP Diamond Blades

2. Traffic Loop Diamond Blades

Traffic loops are systems that detect vehicles passing at a certain point in the road. An insulated, electrically conducted loop is installed in the pavement after the road has been cut with a traffic loop blade. Syntec's Traffic Loop Saw Blades are available in standard and concave core blade options. All of these traffic loop diamond blade options require a 25-75hp walk behind saw. 

Concave Core Traffic Loop Diamond Blades

The Concave Core Traffic Loop blades have a concave core that cuts clean radius lines while avoiding wire pinching. This type of saw blade needs to be used with a circular saw for exceptional performance.

Concave Core Traffic Loop Diamond Blades 

3. Micro Trenching Diamond Blades

Micro trenching is the process of installing small conduits within the edges of the sidewalk to store fiber optic cabling. This job needs a heavy-duty blade to pair with a micro trenching saw. Syntec's Micro Trenching blades accurately cut through asphalt with a medium bond. 

Syntec Microtrenching Diamond Blade

4. Tuck Point and Crack Chaser Diamond Blades

Syntec's General Purpose diamond blade is very abrasive and efficiently cuts concrete expansive joints with a soft bond. 

Tuck Point diamond blades are used for quick removal of mortar joints and preparation of any abrasive surfaces like sandstone, lime, and concrete render. These diamond blades are also great for routing decorative joists into stonework.

Syntec's Crack Chasing diamond blades feature wedge shaped segments for super fast cutting speed and extremely long blade life. They are also skillfully designed to repair/widen cracks or imperfections on a wide range of masonry surfaces.

Syntec Tuck Point and Crack Chaser Diamond Blades

5. Handsaw Diamond Blades

Handsaws are convenient saws to own due to their smaller size that makes it easier to cut in tight and hard to reach areas. Syntec's handsaw blades include the Pro Fast Cut Precut diamond blade and the Pro Fast Cut Ringsaw diamond blade.

The Pro Fast Cut Precut diamond blades are perfect for cutting hard or soft concrete with steel reinforcement. The Pro Fast Cut Ringsaw diamond blade is convenient for cutting in confined or hard to reach areas. These are used in tighter areas because of their smaller size and compatibility with handheld saws. 

Syntec Handsaw Blades

6. Diamond Cup Wheels

Syntec manufactures a large and wide variety of high quality Cup Wheels. Cup wheels assist in many different applications. These applications include concrete trip hazard removal, general concrete preparation, coating/ glue removal, and concrete polishing.

Types of Cup Wheels:

Syntec Cup/Grinding Wheels

7. Drilling Core Bits

Lastly, Syntec's Diamond Core Bits are a great long term investment for drilling. They are all designed for high performance for coring into concrete and masonry. The diamond core bits have diamond tips and are available in up to 60 inch diameters. The core bits with longer tubes offer deeper drill depths. 

Core Bits Include:

Syntec Core Bits

Custom Diamond Tools

Didn't find the specific diamond tool you need on the Fasteners Plus website? Let us know.

We are able to work directly with Syntec to source custom diamond blades and special request items. Let us do the work of finding that missing part for you by contacting us at 888-794-1590 or emailing us at


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