Types of Threaded Rod

Types of Threaded Rod

Threaded Rod

What is Threaded Rod? 

Threaded rod also known as "all thread" is a heavy-duty steel bar that is threaded along the length of the fastener. This trusty fastener makes fixing two materials together safe and secure. All thread is commonly used in many industries for general-purpose applications. It has a great reputation for pairing well with nuts, bolts, and washers to deliver a safe, secure connection between two materials such as concrete, wood, or metal. 

Threaded rod can be easily confused with different names it is referred to. Typically, if the rod is less than 12" long, it is called a stud. It is commonly sold in three main thread types. Each of these styles will have either a right-hand, left-hand, or left and right-hand thread direction.

Threaded Rod Styles Include:

  • Fully Threaded- Is completely threaded from end to end. 
  • Single-End- Only has threads on one end of the rod.
  • Double-End- Has threads on both ends that are either equal or unequal in length and an unthreaded section in the center of the rod. 

Right Hand Threaded Rod

The right-hand-threaded rod is typically the most common thread type. It is designed with threads that are configured in a clockwise rotation. 

Left Hand Threaded Rod

Left hand threaded rod is designed with threads that are configured in a counter-clockwise rotation. The left-hand thread is commonly used for situations where vibration may cause the right-hand thread to loosen.

Right Hand and Left Hand Threaded Rod

This style has right-hand threads on one end and left-hand threads on the other end of the rod. 

Uses for Threaded Rod

All thread is used for a wide variety of applications. They are especially beneficial for environments that experience corrosion. Additionally, they provide a clean, simple appearance once they are installed. 

Common Industries Include:

  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Plumbing
  • Manufacturing
  • Agricultural

Stainless steel threaded rod

Threaded Rod Materials

Threaded rod is available in many different materials and finishes to meet the needs of your job. Some of these materials include aluminum, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, and titanium. 

Stainless Steel Threaded Rod

High-tensile stainless steel is an excellent material for environments that experience corrosion. The 316 stainless steel threaded rod have the capability to be installed near saltwater due to them having the highest level of corrosion resistance. Both 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel threaded rod are ideal for hanging fixtures, sprinklers, lights, and much more. 

A307 Threaded Rod

The A307 threaded rod is available at Fasteners Plus in a plain finish and hot-dip galvanized finish. They are great for hanging sprinklers, lights, and more. The A307 plain finish threaded bar is designed for dry indoor use only. The A307 hot dip galvanized threaded rod has enhanced corrosion resistance compared to the plain finish option.

Grade B7 Threaded Rod

Grade B7 threaded rod is used in many high-temperature and high-pressure applications. It is commonly used for bolting pipe flanges together. The Grade B7 plain finish threaded rod is designed for dry indoor use only.  The Grade B7 hot-dip galvanized fully threaded rod provides more corrosion resistance making it suitable for exterior use. 

Grade 55 Threaded Rod

Lastly, the Grade 55 threaded rod is typically used for structural anchoring including anchoring down light poles and stoplights. It is available in a plain finish and hot-dip galvanized finish. The Grade 55 hot-dip galvanized threaded rod is very corrosion-resistant and withstands harsher weather environments

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