New Simpson Strong-Tie® Wood Construction Connectors and Screws

New Simpson Strong-Tie® Wood Construction Connectors and Screws


Building a structure or a simple project that you assembled is very fulfilling! It is especially fulfilling if you build it to the best of your ability with high-quality products. Simpson Strong-Tie connectors and fasteners have been trusted for many years and they continue to hit the ball out of the park by manufacturing exceptional products that you will want to include in your next build. Fasteners Plus now offers Simpson's new wood construction connectors! Read more to find out how each of these products can help you.

1. Bottle Opener Connector

If you are like me and like to crack open a cold drink when you're outside enjoying the weather, then Simpson’s bottle opener connector is a must-have for you. It pairs well with Simpsons Outdoor Accents Mission Collection and Avant Collection. Simpson's bottle opener connector is comprised of sturdy black metal and includes three 1" black screws for easy installation on any wood post of your choosing.

 Simpson APBO Bottle Opener

2. Gazebo Ties

A gazebo is a very special space to spend time in. However, if you don’t build a gazebo with the proper connectors, it may not stay as strong and resilient over time. The new APGT series of gazebo ties do a fantastic job of adding strength and rigidity to six-sided gazebos. The APGT2, APGT6, and APGTF gazebo ties limit the possibility of the gazebo being blown over by high winds.

New Gazebo Ties:

  • APGT2 Gazebo Tie - Connects 2x rafters and the top plate to posts in a six-sided gazebo.
  • APGT6 Gazebo Tie - Connects six 2x rafters to the top of a six-sided gazebo. 
  • APGTF Gazebo Tie - Connects bottom 2x rim joists to posts in a six-sided gazebo.

 Simpson Gazebo TIes

3. Gable Plates

Simpson's newest addition of gable plates included in the Avant Collection, are perfect for reinforcing a connection between wood beams and three angled wood braces. These high-quality gable plates have sleek, straight edges providing a contemporary look. For best results, Simpson's gable plates can be installed with Outdoor Accents structural screws and hex-head washers.

New Gable Plates:

Simpson APVGP1212-4 Gable Plate

4. Adjustable Rafter Hangers

The new Simpson Strong-Tie LSSR rafter hangers are a new style of field adjustable hangers. The unique hinged seat allows up to 45-degree slope adjustments upwards and downwards in the field. One of the main features of the LSSR rafter hangers is they can be installed after the rafters have already been tacked into place.

New Rafter Hangers:

Simpson LSSR Rafter Hanger


5. Deck Tension Ties

LTT deck tension ties are an ideal solution to resisting tension loads when attaching wood to concrete or masonry walls. Simpson's light tension tie is designed for horizontal purlin applications and may also be used for vertical holdown applications. The LTTP2 and LTT131 tension ties are new products that will help support your structure for years to come.

Key Features: 

  • Nailing patterns to accommodate different purlin/rafter/truss types.
  • Low-profile seat to reduce visibility of tie.
  • Tested with different anchor bolt diameters to meet code-required applications based on substrate.

 Simpson LTTP2 and LTTP131 Tension Ties


6. Adjustable Porch Post Base

Additionally, Simpson's PPBF44 adjustable porch post base safely supports porch framing during each phase of construction. This post base conveniently eliminates the need for temporary vertical supports. It provides more strength and stability for when work is getting done on and around the porch roof. The seat is adjustable and accommodates porch slab thicknesses ranging from 4" to 12".

Simpson Adjustable Porch Base


7. SDPW Deflector Screws

The new SDPW deflector screw is a versatile screw that is designed to provide a strong connection from non-load-bearing walls to trusses and joists. The included offset driver bits and an additional driver extension help improve the installation process by making it quicker, easier, and more cost-effective. The SDPW deflector screws are available in colors blue, grey, and orange.

Simpson SDPW Screws

8. Mass Timber Application Guide

Simpson is not only a great company for manufacturing fasteners and connectors, but they also provide valuable information. Simpson’s new Mass Timber Construction Guide is perfect for determining what building materials should be used together to build a long-lasting structure you can count on for years to come!


Simpson Mass Timber Construction Guide


Custom Outdoor Accents Parts

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