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For Treated Lumber
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Deck Connectors

8 Products

Simpson BVLZ-KT4 Brick Veneer Ledger Connector - Zmax Finish, Pkg 4


Simpson LSCZ Adjustable Stair-Stringer Connector- Zmax Finish


Simpson BVLZ-KT1 Brick Veneer Ledger Connector - Zmax Finish


Simpson TA9Z-R Staircase Angle - Zmax Finish


Simpson LSCSS Adjustable Stair-Stringer Connector - Stainless Steel


Simpson TA10ZKT Staircase Angle - 2 Per Kit w/ Screws - Zmax Finish


Simpson TA10Z-R Staircase Angle, Pkg 1 - Zmax Finish


Joist hangers provide a much stronger connection than using nails or screws alone when framing your deck. Joist hangers come in all shapes and sizes, although most are U-Shaped and wrap around three sides of a lumber joist. There are also a number of specialty joists used in specific construction applications.



BVLZ Ledger Connectors Brick Veneer Ledger Connectors provide a convenient alternative to building a free-standing deck. The connectors eliminate the need to replace or remove large sections of brick veneer. Using the BVLZ Ledger Connectors enables you to attach a wood ledger to the existing framing of the house through the brick veneer.

SJC/MSJC Steel Joist Connectors – The SJC Steel-Joist Connector is an easy-to-use and versatile connector, perfect for underside metal-deck applications. Comes with corrosion-resistant G90 Galvanized Finish.

Plywood Sheathing Clip – Plywood Clips secure two sheets of plywood without the use of nails. Sheathing Clips will come in 20 Gauge steel and provide a barrier between plywood boards for expansion and contraction of the plywood.

LSCZ - Adjustable Stair-Stringer Connector – The LSCZ Adjustable stringer connector offers a concealed connection on the inside of the stairs between the stair stringer and carrying header/rim joist while replacing costly framing. The LSC connector can be used for solid or notched stringers and is interchangeable between right and left-side applications.