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Powder Actuated Fasteners are used to create strong bonds between fixtures and concrete or steel. Also known as direct fastening, powder actuated fasteners are installed using a specific type of nail gun called a powder-actuated tool. The fastener is driven into the material with speed and precision, making them ideal for large construction projects. Powder-actuated tools are powered by small cartridges which when triggered, create an explosive charge that drives the fastener from the tool and into the surface materials being secured.

Available in a variety of styles for use in many different construction applications, powder actuated fasteners offer an efficient and reliable method for installations into steel and concrete materials.

PDPAWL Powder Actuated Drive Pins W/ Washers are preassembled with a 1” washer which provides additional bearing surface for enhanced upload resistance.

PDPA/PDPAS Powder Actuated Drive Pins consist of a fastener with a 0.300"-diameter head and a 0.157"-diameter shank. They install fast for maximum job site productivity.  Available loose or collated.

PDPAT Powder Actuated Top-Hat Pins feature a steel top-hat assembly which allows for faster loading and easier centering of the pin in the nosepiece of the fastening tool.

PCLDPA Powder Actuated Ceiling Clips are designed to attach ceiling wires to concrete and consists of a hardened-steel PDPA pin attached to a 90° clip angle.

PECLIDPA Powder Actuated Compact Ceiling Clips feature a 120° clip angle for use in attaching ceiling wires to concrete.

PTRHA Powder Actuated Threaded Rod Hangers are a powder-actuated assembly designed to attach either 1/4"-20 or 3/8”-16 threaded rod to concrete.

PSLV3 Powder Actuated Threaded Studs features a 1 1/4" threaded 3/8"—16 stud with a 0.205"-diameter shank and are ideal for anchoring components and fixtures to concrete.

PINWP Powder Actuated Pins W/ Washer is designed for high-volume applications to fasten rigid insulation board to building structures. These feature a pre-mounted flat plastic washer and are suitable for fastening into both concrete and steel.

PHBC/PBXDP Powder Actuated Highway Basket Clips both consist of a top-hat fastener attached to either a basket clip or cable strap. PHBC assemblies are designed to secure highway baskets in road construction, while the PBXDP is used to secure BX electrical cables.

PCC Powder Actuated Conduit Clips are zinc-plated assemblies designed to secure conduit to building structures.

PKP Concrete Forming Pins are specifically designed for easy removal of 2x concrete form boards.

We also have a large selection of Gas Actuated Fasteners available, along with Gas and Powder Actuated Tools, and PAT Loads.

If you’re unsure about which powder-actuated fasteners are right for your applications, contact our product experts at 888-794-1590. Our knowledgeable team will work with you to find the right fastener for your project needs. We do special orders, too!