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SKU: HSKP5.75X14.5-W

Simpson HSKP5.75X14.5-W Heavy Seated Knife Plate Hanger - Gray Paint

Simpson HSKP5.75X14.5-W Heavy Seated Knife Plate Hanger - Gray Paint

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The HSKP5.75X14.5-W hanger boasts the highest load ratings and preserves the aesthetics of mass timber beams. With inter-story drift testing and ICC-ES code listed, it's designed and manufactured in the USA for superb ease of installation with Strong-Drive® SDCF Timber-CF structural screws. Perfect for quick job sites, the HSKP also has generous fit-up tolerance for effortless beam placement.


  • (1) HSKP5.75X14.5-W Connector
  • (1) CJTPL 1/2" Dia. Steel Dowel
  • (2) SDCF27614

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Material: Painted Steel
Finish: Gray Paint
Manufacturer name: Simpson Strong-Tie
Additional information: Back and Knife Plate — 3 gauge; Bearing Plate — 1/2" 


- High capacity
- Code listed in ICC-ES ESR 2552
- ASTM E119 1- and 2-hour hour fire tests pending; contact Simpson Strong-Tie
- Factory installation of connector reduces on-site labor
- Quick field connection of beam to supporting member reduces crane cycle-time
- Inclined screw hole feature reduces the overall screw count compared to horizontal screws
- Options for wood-to-wood and wood-to-steel concealed connection
- Manufactured and stocked in the USA
- Recommended for use at beam-to-beam or beam-to-column connections in any Seismic Design Category; see L-C-HSKPDRIFT for more information


Prior to connection of the carried beam to the HSKP hanger, carried member shall be routed to allow for the concealed installation of the HSKP and predrilled for the installation of the optional steel dowel (reference L-C-HSKPROUT). The designer shall determine the desired beam-end rout depth and bottom-of-beam rout depth for the desired concealed installation and potential fire considerations. When considering fire requirements, maximum allowable gaps and intumescent requirements shall be determined by the designer.

Note: When installing SDCF screws for the HSKP connection, do not exceed recommended seating torque values (reference L‑F‑MTINSTALL).

HSKP Factory Installation to Column
Drive the required horizontal SDCF screws at the top and the bottom of the hanger first. See Table 1 for the proper screw sizes. This will secure the hanger to the column to facilitate smooth installation of the inclined screws.
Drive the required SDCF inclined screws through the patent pending tab feature. Screws are inclined upward 45° and rotated inward 15°.
Factory Installation of Bearing Reinforcement Screws Into Beam
Install the SDCF22858 bearing reinforcement screws through the bottom of the carried member as required per the HSKP load table (see the image gallery's illustrations for installation locations). To ensure SDCF heads are normal to the face of the bottom of the carried member, predrill 3/16" maximum diameter x 2" minimum depth pilot holes prior to installation.
Factory Installation of Dowel
Install 1/2" diameter x 4 3/4" long dowel into 1/2” diameter predrilled hole in the carried member. Note that, while the installation of the dowel is only a requirement when considering joint rotation due to inter-story drift, the installation of the dowel can aid installation of the carried beam by guiding the carried member into position as the dowel slides into the HSKP knife plate slot. Dowel location must be centered about knife plate kerf cut. When considering inter-story drift, the vertical location of the steel dowel is to be located mid-height of the beam-floor assembly. If inter-story drift need not be considered, the final vertical location of the dowel may be anywhere within the knife plate slot provided a 1/4" minimum gap is allowed between the bottom of the dowel and the bottom of the slot to allow shrinkage of the carried beam.
Completing the Field Installation
After the beam has been placed into position, adjust the location of the carried member as needed to allow for the maximum desired gap between the carried and supporting member, install the beam seat screws into the bottom of the carried member through the two countersunk holes in the bottom of the HSKP bearing plate. See Table 1 for the proper screw size.
For fully concealed installations requiring a bottom filler block, the connection is to be determined by the building designer.

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