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AT-XP Acrylic Anchoring Adhesive

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Strong-Tie AT-XP - W/Nozzle. Fast-Curing Anchoring Adhesive

  • High Achoring Strength in both cracked and uncracked concrete.
  • Suitable for use in dry or water-saturated concrete
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    SKU: AT-XP10

    Strong-Tie AMN19Q-RP5 Acrylic Adhesive Mix Nozzle, Pkg 5


    Strong-tie ETB10 Nylon Hole Cleaning Brush 1-1/4" x 4" (29" Total Length), Pkg 1

    SKU: ETB10
    SKU: ETB10

    AT-XP Acrylic Anchoring Adhesive is an acrylic-based adhesive anchor formulated for the high-strength anchorage of threaded rod and rebar into cracked and uncracked concrete and masonry.

    Adhesive Anchors are an ideal solution to create strong and durable bonds for rod, rebar, and smooth dowels in concrete, masonry, and other materials. We also carry Epoxy-based adhesive concrete anchors and an assortment of adhesive anchoring accessories and concrete repair and crack injection supplies.

    Not sure if adhesive anchors are right for your application? We carry a wide range of concrete anchors and our product specialists are available to answer any product questions or help you place an order. Call us today at 888-794-1590.