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Simpson Quik Drive Screw Guns are easy-to-use and are designed for specific applications including drywall wall installation, subfloor installation, steel decking, and more. Make your jobs easier on the user, and much more time-efficient by combining the Screw Gun Systems with Simpson Quik Drive Screws that are easy to load and painless to drive. Simpson Quik Drive Collated Screw Guns are available in the following applications:

Drywall Screw Guns: Designed with a light, compact body and smooth nose piece, the Drywall System is easy to handle and will not damage fastening surfaces. The slim design is ideal for reaching any area, making drywall installation a breeze.

Subfloor Screw Guns: Variety of depth settings and a non-skid attachment make this screw gun system perfect for subfloor or other wood-to-wood applications. The depth settings allow for appropriate countersinking, and the non-skid teeth grip the surface, to create a precise fastening experience.

Deck Screw Guns: Equipped with attachments and features to make your deck job easier, these screw guns will save you time and energy. Expanded depth settings to work with different materials, and non-skid teeth to grip the material surface are just some of the advantages of using a Quik Drive system over hand-tightening your deck fasteners. Add the decking nose clip to center the gun over the joist for clean, uniform fastening, and you’ll have a great looking deck in less time.

Steel Decking Screw Guns: Compatible with nestable or interlocking steel decking, as well as side-lap stitching, the Quik Drive Steel Decking Screw Gun system can handle multiple applications with ease. Featuring a unique nosepiece for precise screw placement, this system can be used for both fastening structural steel members, and steel stitching, making it an extremely versatile tool to add to your arsenal.

Wood-To-Steel Screw Guns: Your go-to screw gun system for fastening wood to steel members. These systems come with a lightweight, compact body for easy maneuvering, and a clean, slim profile to drive in hard-to-reach areas like tight corners.

Roofing Tile Screw Guns: Eliminate broken roof tiles and messy fasteners with these Quik Drive systems. By screwing the precise depths and utilizing a well-placed window in the screw gun guide tube, you know exactly where each fastener is going and create consistent depth, making for a clean, break-free tile roof.

Steel-to-Steel Attachments: Additional Quik Drive Screw Gun attachments for transforming your system for steel-to-steel applications. Like many of the other screw gun systems, these attachments feature a light-weight, slim body to reach difficult spots and make handling the system easy on the user.

Quik Drive Screw Gun Parts: Need to replace a part on your screw gun system, or just want a couple of backup driver bits? We’ve got it. Keep your Quik Drive System running like new by performing regular maintenance and replacing parts proactively, to ensure your job isn’t delayed while on the site. Having replacement parts ready will keep you moving efficiently and get the job done faster.

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