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Quik Drive Wood-To-Steel Systems

2 Products

Simpson Quik Drive QDHSD60 Wood-To-Steel Fastening Attachment


Simpson Quik Drive QDHSD75 Wood-To-Steel Fastening Attachment


Designed specifically for fastening wood to steel, these collated screw gun systems feature a slim profile and a light-weight, compact body that makes it easy to handle and fasten almost anywhere you need. Combine the wood to steel screw gun system with Simpson Collated Wood to Steel Screws, and you’re ready for any job around. If you already have a Simpson Collated Screw Gun, simply add one of the Wood to Steel Attachments for an added level of versatility.

Need help finding the right Simpson Quik Drive System for your job? We have access to the full line-up of Simpson Strong-Tie products and our sales team will be happy to help you find the right product for your next job. Contact our team today at 888-794-1590 with any product questions or help to place an order.