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LTH/THJ Multiple-Truss Hip/Jack Hanger

6 Products

Simpson THJU26 Multiple-Truss Hip/Jack Hanger 12 Gauge - Galvanized


Simpson THJA26 Multiple-Truss Hip/Jack Hanger 14 Gauge - Galvanized


Simpson LTHJA26 Multiple-Truss Hip/Jack Hanger 18 Gauge - Galvanized


Simpson THJM2-5-SDS3 Multiple-Truss Hip/Jack Hanger 12 Gauge - Galvanized


Simpson THJM2-4-SDS3 Multiple-Truss Hip/Jack Hanger 12 Gauge - Galvanized


Simpson LTHMA Light-Duty Multiple-Truss Hanger 16 Gauge - Galvanized


THJA26 Multiple-Truss Hip/Jack Hanger can accommodate right- or left-hand hips (at 45° skews), and can be installed before or after the hip and jack and also be used for double (terminal) hips. 

THJU Multiple-Truss Hip/Jack Hanger works for right- and left-hand hips and can be ordered to fit a range of hip skews (up to 67 1/2°) as well as various single and 2-ply hip/jack combinations.

THJM Multiple-Truss Hip/Jack Hanger is a non-welded hanger designed to carry radial-end jack framing and provide optimal efficiency for those multi-plane, angled bay roofs over breakfast, study and library alcoves.

LTHJA26 Multiple-Truss Hip/Jack Hanger is a lighter-capacity version of the THJA26 and offers the lowest-cost alternative for light hip/jack load applications.

LTHMA Light-Duty Multiple-Truss Hanger designed to carry two or three single-ply trusses in a terminal hip installation.

Don't see the specific hanger model you need? We have access to the full lineup of Simpson Strong-Tie wood connectors that are available for special order upon request. Call one of our knowledgeable sales specialists at 888-794-1590 for any product or special order questions today!