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Steel Header Hangers

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Simpson SHH6/54-KT24 Steel Header Hanger 5-5/8" X 7-3/16" 16 Gauge, Pkg 24


Simpson SHH3/68-KT24 Steel Header Hanger 4-3/8" X 5-5/8" 14 Gauge, Pkg 24


Simpson SHH6/68-KT24 Steel Header Hanger 5-5/8" X 7-3/16" 14 Gauge, Pkg 24


SHH Steel Header Hangers from industry-leaders Simpson Strong-Tie are used to support traditional cold-formed steel box headers, as well as large-flange lay-in headers. The connector design minimizes drywall buildup and several value-engineered hole patterns will accommodate varying load levels while keeping down installation costs and reducing screw count.

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