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SUBH Bridging and Bracing Connectors

3 Products

Simpson LSUBH3.25-R150 Light Duty Bridging Connector For CFS, Pkg 150


Simpson MSUBH3.25-R100 Medium Duty Bridging Connector For CFS, Pkg 100


Simpson SUBH3.25-R150 Bridging Connector For CFS, Pkg 150


SUBH wall stud bridging connectors have a compact profile which allows them to be sistered directly against adjacent studs in standard 1-5/8” stud installations. Use these durable and cost-effective bridging connectors for cold-formed steel framing applications. The LSUBH connector provides the same installation benefits of the SUBH/MSUBH connectors and is suitable for many wind- and load-bearing situations where the load demand is light to moderate. As an added benefit, many applications require only one screw, which helps keep labor costs down and productivity up.

Unsure which cold-formed steel connector is right for your application? We carry a large selection of Simpson Strong-Tie cold-formed steel connectors, along with many other Simpson Connectors. Contact our team of product specialists today at 888-794-1590 with any product questions or for help placing an order.