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SFC/LSFC CFS Utility Clips

3 Products

Simpson SFC4.25-R175 16 Gauge CFS Utility Clip, Pkg 175


Simpson SFC6.25-R100 16 Gauge CFS Utility Clip, Pkg 100


Simpson SFC2.25-R300 16 Gauge CFS Utility Clip, Pkg 300


SFC Steel Framing Connectors for cold-formed steel are a multi-use and low-cost utility clip for light to moderate loading conditions in stud-to-stud and stud-to-structure applications that don’t require long leg lengths. A G90 galvanized finish adds corrosion resistance and durability.

Unsure which cold-formed steel connector is right for your application? We carry a large selection of Simpson Strong-Tie cold-formed steel connectors, along with many other Simpson Connectors. Contact our team of product specialists today at 888-794-1590 with any product questions or for help placing an order.